And yes, it’s linked to violence.

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Earlier this month, UN Women UK released a survey that revealed 97% of UK women aged 18–24 had experienced sexual harassment in a public space. I say “revealed,” but many of us are wondering if maybe the other 3% just didn’t realise.

The findings came out during a horrific time…

This is not your usual productivity hack.

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All the great writers say it.

“You don’t find time to write. You make it!”

Ok cool thanks for that amazing advice but like… how?? Life is bursting at the seams. What do you give up in exchange for writing time?

I’ve struggled…

You can learn a lot from being a three-year-old’s personal chef and vending machine.

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One of my favourite things about being a mother is all the time I get to spend thinking about, shopping for, preparing and serving beautiful, fresh, organic food to my amazing children.

…and then cleaning the whole freakin’ lot up off the floor, furniture and far reaches of their small…

Hannah Moss

She/her. Writing about writing, creativity, feminism, parenting and learning to live sustainably. Instagram @hannamossity

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